SEO Services

SEO Services

Be found by your ideal customers

Our SEO Services provide a structured best-practice approach to improving your Google ranking through advice and monitoring on-page factors and conducting SEO outreach.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the science and art of getting your website to rank highly on the Google organic listings.  The more highly you rank the more chance you have of generating online sales.

We can work with your existing web development team to improve on-site factors contributing to better rankings.  We do this co-operatively rather than combatively to avoid any friction.  We understand that many web developers expertise is in design and SEO services are often outside the scope of work they’ve been asked to do.

Alternatively if you need a new website built we can assist you with building a site directly or introduce you to other developers who may be able to assist.

SEO also involves off-site factors such as the types of links pointing to your site.  Off-site SEO usually requires an on-going outreach program which we can implement for you or mentor your internal staff.

Where do our SEO services start?

We recommend you start with a SEO and Social Media Landscape Analysis so you know that your SEO work is heading in the right direction. This 60+ page report includes:

  • A comprehensive SEO analysis including –
    • An SEO health check of your current website.
    • SEO recommendations specific to your business.
    • The optimal organic and paid search keywords for your business and how to rank well for them.
    • Explanation of Adwords advertising and remarketing.
    • Identification of your key online competitors.
  • A detailed analysis of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn including –
    • Identification of your target market on social media based on individual demographics, interests and behaviour
    • Methods for connecting with prospects in target market, key influencers, industry peers and communities.
    • Explanation social media advertising and remarketing.
  • Thorough and systematic recommendations to grow your online presence.


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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Reach out and engage your ideal customers

Our social media management team will set-up your social media accounts, create lead-generating content and manage campaigns, posts, advertising and follower interaction.  Or we mentor you to do it yourself.

Having a personal Facebook account doesn’t necessarily qualify you for being able to run a social media campaign.  Individually most things you do on social media are quite simple but getting a business result using social media requires a comprehensive knowledge of all these “simple things”; a business-oriented plan and a focused and organised implementation.

If you don’t have social media accounts we can set these up for you in a way that is best for your business.  We can then train your staff in how to use the accounts or run your social media accounts for you.

Running a social media account involves distributing content in a planned and strategic way.  It also needs constant monitoring to engage people who interact with your social media content (eg. replying to any comments you receive).

We recognise the potential risks of out-sourcing your social media, that’s why we set up clear levels of authority and escalation procedures.

You may wish to consider a hybrid social media management approach, which combines our services with using your own staff.  Alternatively we can set up your social media systems, run them for a period and then do a hand-over to your staff.


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Adwords Management Web Intelligenz

Adwords Management

Go to the top of Google immediately

Google Adwords is a highly controllable and measurable advertising medium that can instantly place you at the top of the Google search engine for the search terms of your choosing. The Adwords system also provides the ability to advertising on YouTube and with Display ads throughout the Internet.

Our Adwords Management Strategy

Our Google accredited adwords management team can prepare and implement an Adwords advertising campaign to fit your budget and give you a measureable return on investment.

Whilst placing an ad on Adwords can be a simple D.I.Y. exercise, the reality is that to achieve cost effective sales using Adwords you need skilled implementation.  This implementation needs to consider the end-to-end “search-to-sale” process involving not only Adwords but your Analytics and website set-up/design as well.

We provide digital agency services to implement and manage your Adwords campaigns either as a stand-alone service or integrated into a larger campaign strategy.


Our Adwords remarketing campaigns can keep reminding your ideal customer to come back and buy from you no matter where they are on the Internet.

Choose the right keywords for your business!

Don’t waste your money placing ads where no one’s looking! They key to successful Adwords management is selecting the right keywords. Find out what keywords your ideal customers are using to search your product or services and which ones will give you the highest chance of ad placement no matter what your budget.


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Advanced Google Analytics

Advanced Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the Control Room from campaign to sales to service

Our Advanced Google Analytics and Campaign Tracking will help you measure and control every part of your customer journey online.

If you haven’t moved beyond the basic Google Analytics your web developer set up, then your analytics data is probably next to useless.  If you’re not actively and regularly using analytics then you are most likely missing valuable business opportunities and wasting time and money on under-performing marketing.

If you think analytics isn’t important in your business then you’re like a retail storeowner running a shop blindfolded.  You have no idea who is passing your store without coming in, who just steps in the front door and leaves; what people look at in your store and who is and isn’t buying.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an e-commerce or a service business, knowing how people are responding to your website is essential.


Interpreting Google Analytics and knowing what all the data means from a business perspective can be a challenge for many business managers.  We provide customised dashboards which relate the technical data to your business objectives.


Remove internal staff visits from your analytics so you don’t distort your understanding of how your customers and prospects are using your website.

Spam data

Filter out spam visits to your site because they make it look like you have many more visitors to your site than you really do.

Scroll Tracking

If your website has content that visitors need to scroll to see then you need to know if they are actually seeing it at all.  Scroll tracking helps you decide if your most important content is being seen.

Video Tracking

Is your video content actually being watched and for how long?  Should you have more or less video on your site?  Video tracking will help you answer these questions.

e-Commerce Tracking

By tracking each e-commerce transaction on your site you’ll be able to learn about who is and isn’t buying on your site.  It will help you plan where to focus your valuable marketing funds for best effect.

Goal Tracking

Goal tracking involves deciding what are your primary goals you want to achieve with the website e.g. lead form submissions, file downloads.   Once you decide on your goals then Advanced Google Analytics can measure those goals and provide data on who is and isn’t completing those goals.

Link Tracking

What links are visitors following through and out of your site?  In some cases you may have multiple links on a web page to the same destination.  We can track which pathways your visitors take so you can optimise your site.

Campaign Tracking

If you are pushing people to your website using social media, email or online advertising, campaign tracking is essential to knowing how each individual piece of content is performing to generate profits for your business.  It will help you to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

Adwords Integration

Linking your Google Adwords advertising to Google analytics is essential to making sure you maximise the return on your advertising investment.

Webmaster Integration

A high Google search ranking is a highly valued prize.  By linking Google Webmaster to your analytics you will have a greater understanding of how your site is performing on Google search and where you need to take action to improve your ranking.


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Web Design

Web Design

Your website is the core

A technically strong, business-goal focused website is essential for success. We design and develop all shapes and sizes of websites with our team of web developers.

Websites need to be developed within a context of the overall business strategy and objectives.  It’s no good having a good looking website if it’s not working for your bottom line.

We can either build a site for you or work in collaboration with your existing web developer to deliver on other aspects of your online marketing.  Sometimes good developers with good web design skills need direction from someone who understands both the business and technology.

Our Web Design Approach

The websites we build are mobile responsive and custom built using WordPress which is the most popular web development platform for small to medium businesses.   This allows us to cost-effectively deliver a wide range of features including:

  • Integration with email marketing and social media systems
  • Integration with CRMs
  • Shopping Carts
  • Online booking systems
  • On-site social media
  • Education and training course systems
  • Photo and image galleries
  • Auto-response forms
  • Blogs

Be SEO-Friendly straightaway

Too often businesses don’t think about SEO until after a website has been created. By this point it can be a time-consuming and costly process to make sure your website is in the best condition to rank well on Google. At Web Intelligenz we have SEO in mind from the first stage of the web design process.


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Content Strategy

Content Strategy / Production

Content is the lead magnet

Content is the fuel for your online marketing machine. We turn your old website, product brochures, manuals and customer stories into lead generating great web page content, web videos, images and animations.

Most businesses have extensive knowledge of their customer’s needs and how to meet those needs.  Harnessing this knowledge is the key to online success.  But most businesses are often too close to the day-to-day of their business to unlock the true potential.

In most cases the people with the most knowledge in the business are those that have the least time, which means that online marketing can fail because of the lack of available time of the subject experts.


Our approach to content production involves a quick, efficient and effective extract of valuable content from your subject experts.  We can also develop content from your existing marketing collateral, website, technical manuals, supplier information and third party sources.

We can then repackage content for use on websites, blogs, social media and email.

Our skilled marketing and technical writers will turn that knowledge and information into great copy and we effectively produce web video, web animation and audio content.

Design a successful content strategy

Where are you ideal customer and what are they looking for? Don’t waste your time and money developing content that your ideal customers aren’t interested in and post it somewhere they’re not looking.


It’s time to get your content strategy into action. Our social media management team can set-up your social media accounts and manage campaigns, posts, advertising and follower interaction, as well as email marketing campaigns.  Or we mentor you to do it yourself.


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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Optimise Results

A small conversion rate optimisation can have a big impact on profits. With A/B Testing you can statistically prove if a change to your website or campaign will be better or worse for conversions.

We’re often asked by clients when reviewing their website “will this change work better”.  The answer is that any change is a best guess and the only way you’ll know is by letting your website visitors decide.

The upside of changing your website is that it might give you better results but the downside is that your results may be worse.  If you are relying on a steady flow of income from your website there can be risks in making changes.

A/B testing allows you to test changes to your website by comparing the original and test page in real-time on your website.  In its simplest form you direct half your site visitors to your original page and half to the test page.  You then measure the difference and statistically prove which page option gives the best results – no guess work.


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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Talk straight to your ideal customer

Email auto-response and email database communications are essential components of online marketing that we can set-up and manage for you.

Email marketing has become a core pillar of most business’s online marketing.  Techniques for capturing prospect emails are important to growing your customer base.

A big issue with email marketing is email over-load.  Many people receive far too many emails and somehow you need to get their attention.

The initial concern of many of clients is how frequently to email.  But our approach focuses more on relevance and value.  People are more likely to read your next email if your last one was relevant and valuable to them.

To achieve relevance you need to use segmentation and target you email content to be relevant to that segment.  So our approach (as always) is not just on the technical aspect of implementing the marketing system but also on the customer psychology and business issues.

Having said this, we do have strong technical experience in email marketing. We’ve set-up email marketing systems from deploying free online email services through to complex systems involving online email capture, auto-responders, CRM integration and automatic lead distribution to sales people.


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Remarketing / Retargeting

Multiple touches get the sale

Our Google and Facebook remarketing campaigns can keep reminding your ideal customer to come back and buy from you no matter where they are on the Internet.

Sales and marketing experience tells us that we need multiple touches with a customer before we can expect them to buy.  Remarketing provides the perfect opportunity to achieve this.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a marketing technique which uses data about people’s characteristics and behaviour after visiting your website to distribute promotions and information content back to those people through the Google and Facebook platforms.

When remarketing is combined with social media it can provide a very powerful promotional tool.  It involves three steps:

  1. Get people to visit your website
  2. Automatically tag their browser as having visited the website
  3. Distribute content to people who have had their browser tagged.

Using our experience with Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Facebook, we can set up remarketing campaigns for your business.


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Communication Strategy Web Intelligenz

Communication Strategy

Design your communication strategy

Build a sales machine! Successful online marketing involves many interconnecting parts working in sync.  We’ll develop and implement an online marketing communication strategy tailored for your business.

One of the major failings businesses have with online marketing is they don’t have an overall strategy. They try lots of different things in isolation –  they do a bit of social media, have a go at some Adwords advertising and do a website somewhere along the track.

Each part of online marketing interconnects with the other.  If they don’t work together the whole marketing machine doesn’t work. We work with your business to develop an overall communication strategy that interconnects and gets results.

Get started

Our preferred starting point is our SEO and Social Media Landscape Analysis. This 60+ page report provides an informed analysis from which a marketing plan can be developed. It includes:

  • A comprehensive SEO analysis including –
    • An SEO health check of your current website.
    • SEO recommendations specific to your business.
    • The optimal organic and paid search keywords for your business and how to rank well for them.
    • Explanation of Adwords advertising and remarketing.
    • Identification of your key online competitors.
  • A detailed analysis of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn including –
    • Identification of your target market based on individual demographics, interests and behaviour.
    • Methods for connecting with your target market, key influencers, industry peers and communities.
    • Explanation of social media advertising and remarketing.
  • Thorough and systematic recommendations to grow your online presence.

Implement your communication strategy

Once the plan is developed we can work with you on implementation by:


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Social Media and SEO Analysis

Landscape Analysis

Find and be Found by Your Ideal Customer using a Search and Social Media Landscape Analysis

If you don’t know where to start with online marketing or you’ve been trying all sorts of things online without much success then the place to start is with a Search and Social Media Landscape Analysis.

Even if you’re having some success you might find that you’re succeeding in a small pond online when there are oceans of opportunities you’re missing. Our Search and Social Media Landscape analysis will give you oceans of opportunities.

Don’t be hit and miss with your online marketing. The Landscape Analysis will give you a well researched, focused and targeted basis for a great online marketing campaign.

What Your Search and Social Landscape Analysis Will Include

Your report will be over 35 pages packaged with information, data and online marketing strategies custom written by our consultants for your business. You’ll be able to turn all this into a great online marketing campaign to gain more ideal customers and grow your profit.

The analysis will bring together information from Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin using more than a dozen analytic tools. As an example of what your report will include we show below data for a fictitious Melbourne vegan café called “Bean Cur’d”

Identify Your Ideal Customer Audience

We identify audience types and interest topics relevant to your ideal customers and your products and services.

Example Audience Bean Cur'd

Google Search Matrix

Find out the most frequently used Google search terms and the level of competition on those terms. You can then focus your SEO or Adwords campaigns on priority high volume low competition search terms relevant to your business.




Why Isn’t Your Website Performing?

Using your Google Analytics data and our website analytic tools we compare who is coming to your website, and how they get there, against the Search Matrix priority terms. We also interpret your Google Analytics data to examine how well your website is performing and indeed whether your analytics data in its current set-up is giving you the real story.



Find Audiences and Influencers on Social Media

Find your ideal customer audiences on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and who is influencing them. Each platform can help you in different ways.

Audience Social Network

Demographic and Interest Audience Targeting

Using our knowledge of Facebook’s powerful demographics we can identify and set-up specific targeted audiences. You will be able to immediately reach out to these audiences through Facebook.


Facebook audiences

Where is the Greatest Influence on Your Ideal Customers?

For each audience and topic group we will identify the most influential people and organisations on Twitter. Using the Web Intelligenz “Influencer Score” we identify the level of influencer potential in each audience group. You can then develop marketing content to focus on specific influencer audiences.



Who has the Greatest Influence on Your Ideal Customers?

Your report will include the top 10 individual influencers in each audience. This will enable you to prioritise the influencers to reach out to so they can pass on your story.


Twitter Top 10 Influencers

Build Professional Relationships

We identify your ideal customers and influencers on Linkedin so you can reach out and connect with them.


LinkedIn People

Join the Ideal Customer’s Community

We identify special interest group, forums and report on the size and level of activity of the forum. This will enable you to find active online communities to join to raise your profile amongst your ideal customer.



The Synergy of Search, Social and Analytics

In addition to all this great information we’ll give you some great advice about how to put all this together into a single dynamic online marketing strategy. The power of multiple social media platforms working together with Google search and digital analytics could revolutionise the way you do business.

SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

Be easier to find

Our search engine optimisation (SEO) analysis of your website will advise you on best practice techniques.  Improve your Google rankings for the right terms. Find out how to out rank your competition.

Ranking number one on Google has become the “Holy Grail” of online marketing.  It can be very frustrating to see your competitor out ranking you and getting the sales you need.

This is why so many business managers are being approached from people offering SEO services.  But for most business managers SEO is a “black art” that they don’t understand.  As a result they can either be missing opportunities by staying clear of spending on SEO, or spend a lot on SEO and getting nothing.

Our Approach

We conduct an SEO analysis of your existing website and your high ranking competitors.  The SEO analysis will report on technical issues but more importantly link these back to your business needs and objectives.

We want you to understand the SEO issues you face in non-technical terms so you can make good business decisions about your SEO expenditure.   While Google organic lists are free, the work you need to do to get to number one requires consistent time, effort and therefore cost.

The SEO Analysis will report on terms you should be targeting to rank highly for.  There is no point putting a big effort into ranking for search terms which no one uses.

The SEO Analysis will assess your website for factors which are holding it back including on-site and off-site factors. It will look at these factors on your competitor’s website as well.  You will see what you have to beat.  You’ll also learned from their success.

What’s in the SEO Analysis

The SEO analysis is a comprehensive 40+ page report including –

  • An SEO health check of your current website.
  • SEO recommendations specific to your business.
  • The optimal organic and paid search keywords for your business and how to rank well for them.
  • Explanation of Adwords advertising and remarketing.
  • Identification of your key online competitors.

How to Use your SEO Analysis

With your SEO Analysis in hand you can implement its recommendations by either:

  • Work with us on improving you ranking
  • Take our report to your existing internal staff, or
  • External consultants.

At the very least our analysis can give you a second opinion on what you need to do SEO-wise.

Want the complete story?

Digital marketing is not just about SEO, these days social media plays a huge part in growing and maintaining your online presence. Our SEO and Social Media Landscape Analysis combines the SEO Analysis with a detailed analysis of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn including –

  • Identification of your target market on social media based on individual demographics, interests and behaviour
  • Methods for connecting with prospects in target market, key influencers, industry peers and communities.
  • Explanation social media advertising and remarketing


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