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Google Ads is a highly controllable and measurable advertising medium that can instantly place you at the top of the Google search engine for the search terms of your choosing. The Google Ads system also provides the ability to advertising on YouTube and with Display ads throughout the Internet.

Our Google Ads management strategy

Our Google accredited Google Ads management team can prepare and implement a Google Ads advertising campaign to fit your budget and give you a measurable return on investment.

Whilst placing an ad on Google Ads can be a simple D.I.Y. exercise, the reality is that to achieve cost effective sales using Google Ads you need skilled implementation.  This implementation needs to consider the end-to-end “search-to-sale” process involving not only Google Ads but your Analytics and website set-up/design as well.

We provide digital agency services to implement and manage your Google Ads campaigns either as a stand-alone service or integrated into a larger campaign strategy.


Our Google Ads remarketing campaigns can keep reminding your ideal customer to come back and buy from you no matter where they are on the Internet.

Choose the right keywords for your business!

Don’t waste your money placing ads where no one’s looking! They key to successful Google Ads management is selecting the right keywords. Find out what keywords your ideal customers are using to search your product or services and which ones will give you the highest chance of ad placement no matter what your budget.

Support Packs

You want to run your own marketing, but you’re looking for some guidance or someone to fill any skill-gaps you might have on an as-needed basis.

Our support packages are convenient and cost-effective for small businesses. They are the perfect way to fill skill-gaps, get some one-on-one training, troubleshoot your campaigns or just get a little bit of advice here and there.

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Support 48

8-hour package which consists of 48 10-minute credits which can be used for training, strategic advice or other technical/marketing tasks.

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Need more time?
We can create a custom package just for you!

Lewis Stephens, Step Migration

format_quote Paul has provided excellent service and I heartily recommend his company. His advice, for example, to utilise Google ads, has proved quite effective. I look forward to eventually using his and his teams services to master social media as a marketing tool. format_quote

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These are just some of the businesses and non-profits that we are proud to have partnered with over the last few years.

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