About us

About Web Intelligenz

Web Intelligenz is an digital marketing and web design company located in Melbourne Australia.

The company has a unique combination of broadly-based business experience, technical know-how and academic achievement.

We pride ourselves on bringing a creative edge to the services and advice we provide to our clients. At the same time we bring a hard-won reality to all our advice which stems from our extensive years of business experience.

Our broad knowledge and skill base enables us to explain technical requirements to business people and business requirements to technical people.

Our qualifications cover fields such as science, media and communications, psychology, finance, financial planning, languages, computing and social science.

Our clients span the business services, personal services, health, hospitality, education, manufacture and wholesale industries.

Our Founders

Web Intelligenz was founded in 2012 by Dr Paul Thewlis and his daughter Myfanwy Thewlis.

Paul Thewlis

Managing Director

Myfanwy Thewlis

Operations Manager

Our Team

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Christine Morrison

Creative Designer

Harsh Karunatillake

Lead Developer

Harry Cade

SEO and Content Writer

Nipuni Gamage

Digital Marketing Consultant

Our Clients

These are just some of the businesses and non-profits that we are proud to have partnered with over the last few years.