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Email auto-response and email database communications are essential components of online marketing that we can set-up and manage for you.

Email marketing has become a core pillar of most business’s online marketing.  Techniques for capturing prospect emails are important to growing your customer base.

A big issue with email marketing is email over-load.  Many people receive far too many emails and somehow you need to get their attention.

The initial concern of many of clients is how frequently to email.  But our approach focuses more on relevance and value.  People are more likely to read your next email if your last one was relevant and valuable to them.

To achieve relevance you need to use segmentation and target you email content to be relevant to that segment.  So our approach (as always) is not just on the technical aspect of implementing the marketing system but also on the customer psychology and business issues.

Having said this, we do have strong technical experience in email marketing. We’ve set-up email marketing systems from deploying free online email services through to complex systems involving online email capture, auto-responders, CRM integration and automatic lead distribution to sales people.

Support Packs

You want to run your own marketing, but you’re looking for some guidance or someone to fill any skill-gaps you might have on an as-needed basis.

Our support packages are convenient and cost-effective for small businesses. They are the perfect way to fill skill-gaps, get some one-on-one training, troubleshoot your campaigns or just get a little bit of advice here and there.

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Support 48

8-hour package which consists of 48 10-minute credits which can be used for training, strategic advice or other technical/marketing tasks.

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Need more time?
We can create a custom package just for you!

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These are just some of the businesses and non-profits that we are proud to have partnered with over the last few years.

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