One of the first things our clients say when we broach the topic of Google Search is: “I’m ranking on the first page for [insert keyword here]”. The keyword, or keyword phrase, is usually a fairly specific description of the service or product our client provides – for example, a keyword phrase for us could be “website analytics Melbourne”.

Now you might think, “job done” right? They’re ranking highly for the perfect keyword phrase to describe their business. We can pack up and move on to something else…

Well, the story is not quite over yet.

Check your Google keywords properly

Now, the first question we ask our clients is: did they check their ranking using their own browser? Whenever you visit a website, it’s saved in your browser history. Google uses this to tailor your search results. Most likely you visit your own website fairly regularly, and because of this, Google will think your website is relevant to you and will bump it up in the rankings.

So how do you check your ranking properly? Chrome Incognito or Firefox Private don’t save the sites you’ve visited, so they’re much better ways to check your ranking.

And the second, most important question: is anyone actually searching using the Google keywords you rank well for? Is anyone actually typing in “website analytics Melbourne”?

You may be ranking well for a certain keyword but perhaps only 10 people are searching using that keyword each month. That limits your organic reach to 10 potential customers.

So how do we find out what people are actually searching? We use the Google Keywords Planner

How many people are searching Google using your keyword?

Using the Keyword Planner we can see that “website design Melbourne” is searched on average 1,000 times each month, but “website analytics Melbourne” isn’t getting any searches at all.

We would be much better off focusing our SEO efforts on ranking well in “website design Melbourne” where the pool of potential customers is much greater.

So you may be ahead of the pack, but are you running the right race? Wouldn’t you rather be winning races with a $1,000 prize than a $10 one? I know which one I’d choose.

What are your ideal Google keywords?

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