We all get writer’s block

Blogs are a great marketing tool for many reasons. They drive traffic to your website, inform and engage your customers, nurture leads, and keep your website’s content “fresh” which is great for SEO.

But for the time-poor, cash-strapped small business owner, actually getting a regular blog schedule together is something of a logistical nightmare. So often we hear that when small business owners and managers eventually find the time to sit down and write a blog post, they have no idea of what to write about. So they stare at their blank screen, eke out a few words, get frustrated and give up on blogging as a feasible marketing strategy.

Now, if we sat down and asked these small business owners about their products, services or industry, they could easily talk for hours on the subject. And they do just that during the expert “brain drain” sessions we hold before creating a content strategy as part of a business’s social media management.

So the problem isn’t that they don’t know their stuff, or don’t know how to explain it, they just need a little inspiration for their writer’s block. And we get it! As content writers we’ve had this problem time and time again. So that’s why at Web Intelligenz, we use the Little Blog Book.

The Little Blog Book

The Little Blog Book is more of a mindset than a physical book. It involves always keeping your blog at the back of your mind during your day-to-day interactions with client and prospects. Because client question are the perfect inspiration for blog posts. If one client has that question, chances are many of your other clients do too.

So every time a client asks you a question, and every time you find some new way to describe a confusing concept, write it down in your Little Blog Book! The Little Blog Book can be a real book you keep in your pocket, or the notes app on your phone, as long as it’s always handy when an idea strikes.

I often think of ideas for future blog posts while I’m writing the current one – future posts that could expand on topics I’ve touched on but don’t want to go into too much depth for clarity’s sake.

Using the Little Blog Book means that when you do find a moment in your busy schedule to sit down and write a blog, you already have some ideas for what topics your readers would find interesting or informative and some novel ways of explaining them.