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Chapter 1

Relating Traditional to Digital Marketing

Chapter 2

Yellow pages vs Google Ranking

Chapter 3

Yellow Pages vs SEO vs Adwords

Chapter 4

Day Interupting Marketing

Chapter 5

How to Use Display and YouTube Advertising

Chapter 6

Facebook is Your Business "Magazine"

Chapter 7

How to Use Linkedin Like a Networking Group

Chapter 8

Twitter: A PR Engine for Small Business

Chapter 9

How to Pick Your Perfect Customer

Chapter 10

The Four 'E's of Content Marketing

Chapter 11

Send the Right Message With Your Website

Chapter 12

What is Remarketing and How Does It Work



Implementation Resources

Package 1

Audience Targeting Workbook

Target Audience

Google, Facebook & Instagram


The ability to target market using Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is beyond belief. Use our “Target Audience Workbook” to get you started. You will find out what targeting options are available on each platform without having to earn learn any technology.

Package 2

Digital Marketing Strategy

Integrated Targeted
Digital Marketing Strategy

+ Target Audience Workbook


Turn Paul’s video overview into a reality for your business using our “Integrated Targeted Digital Marketing Strategy”. The strategy provides 25 pages that will guide you through developing an integrated approach to drive sales for your business.

Package 3

Strategy & Mentoring Package

1:1 Mentoring Session
with Paul Thewlis

+ Integrated Targeted Digital
Marketing Strategy

+ Target Audience Workbook


Take advantage of Paul’s experience to get your digital marketing into action right away. You’ll come away exhilarated and excited by the creative approach Paul takes to your business. You’ll spend 90 minutes in a personal one-to-one session at his office or via Skype.