SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

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Our search engine optimisation (SEO) analysis of your website will advise you on best practice techniques.  Improve your Google rankings for the right terms. Find out how to out rank your competition.

Ranking number one on Google has become the “Holy Grail” of online marketing.  It can be very frustrating to see your competitor out ranking you and getting the sales you need.

This is why so many business managers are being approached from people offering SEO services.  But for most business managers SEO is a “black art” that they don’t understand.  As a result they can either be missing opportunities by staying clear of spending on SEO, or spend a lot on SEO and getting nothing.

Our Approach

We conduct an SEO analysis of your existing website and your high ranking competitors.  The SEO analysis will report on technical issues but more importantly link these back to your business needs and objectives.

We want you to understand the SEO issues you face in non-technical terms so you can make good business decisions about your SEO expenditure.   While Google organic lists are free, the work you need to do to get to number one requires consistent time, effort and therefore cost.

The SEO Analysis will report on terms you should be targeting to rank highly for.  There is no point putting a big effort into ranking for search terms which no one uses.

The SEO Analysis will assess your website for factors which are holding it back including on-site and off-site factors. It will look at these factors on your competitor’s website as well.  You will see what you have to beat.  You’ll also learned from their success.

What’s in the SEO Analysis

The SEO analysis is a comprehensive 40+ page report including –

  • An SEO health check of your current website.
  • SEO recommendations specific to your business.
  • The optimal organic and paid search keywords for your business and how to rank well for them.
  • Explanation of Adwords advertising and remarketing.
  • Identification of your key online competitors.

How to Use your SEO Analysis

With your SEO Analysis in hand you can implement its recommendations by either:

  • Work with us on improving you ranking
  • Take our report to your existing internal staff, or
  • External consultants.

At the very least our analysis can give you a second opinion on what you need to do SEO-wise.

Want the complete story?

Digital marketing is not just about SEO, these days social media plays a huge part in growing and maintaining your online presence. Our SEO and Social Media Landscape Analysis combines the SEO Analysis with a detailed analysis of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn including –

  • Identification of your target market on social media based on individual demographics, interests and behaviour
  • Methods for connecting with prospects in target market, key influencers, industry peers and communities.
  • Explanation social media advertising and remarketing


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