Remarketing / Retargeting

Multiple touches get the sale

Our Google and Facebook remarketing campaigns can keep reminding your ideal customer to come back and buy from you no matter where they are on the Internet.

Sales and marketing experience tells us that we need multiple touches with a customer before we can expect them to buy.  Remarketing provides the perfect opportunity to achieve this.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a marketing technique which uses data about people’s characteristics and behaviour after visiting your website to distribute promotions and information content back to those people through the Google and Facebook platforms.

When remarketing is combined with social media it can provide a very powerful promotional tool.  It involves three steps:

  1. Get people to visit your website
  2. Automatically tag their browser as having visited the website
  3. Distribute content to people who have had their browser tagged.

Using our experience with Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Facebook, we can set up remarketing campaigns for your business.


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