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Communication Strategy

Design your communication strategy

Build a sales machine! Successful online marketing involves many interconnecting parts working in sync.  We’ll develop and implement an online marketing communication strategy tailored for your business.

One of the major failings businesses have with online marketing is they don’t have an overall strategy. They try lots of different things in isolation –  they do a bit of social media, have a go at some Adwords advertising and do a website somewhere along the track.

Each part of online marketing interconnects with the other.  If they don’t work together the whole marketing machine doesn’t work. We work with your business to develop an overall communication strategy that interconnects and gets results.

Get started

Our preferred starting point is our SEO and Social Media Landscape Analysis. This 60+ page report provides an informed analysis from which a marketing plan can be developed. It includes:

  • A comprehensive SEO analysis including –
    • An SEO health check of your current website.
    • SEO recommendations specific to your business.
    • The optimal organic and paid search keywords for your business and how to rank well for them.
    • Explanation of Adwords advertising and remarketing.
    • Identification of your key online competitors.
  • A detailed analysis of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn including –
    • Identification of your target market based on individual demographics, interests and behaviour.
    • Methods for connecting with your target market, key influencers, industry peers and communities.
    • Explanation of social media advertising and remarketing.
  • Thorough and systematic recommendations to grow your online presence.

Implement your communication strategy

Once the plan is developed we can work with you on implementation by:


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