Advanced Google Analytics

Advanced Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the Control Room from campaign to sales to service

Our Advanced Google Analytics and Campaign Tracking will help you measure and control every part of your customer journey online.

If you haven’t moved beyond the basic Google Analytics your web developer set up, then your analytics data is probably next to useless.  If you’re not actively and regularly using analytics then you are most likely missing valuable business opportunities and wasting time and money on under-performing marketing.

If you think analytics isn’t important in your business then you’re like a retail storeowner running a shop blindfolded.  You have no idea who is passing your store without coming in, who just steps in the front door and leaves; what people look at in your store and who is and isn’t buying.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an e-commerce or a service business, knowing how people are responding to your website is essential.


Interpreting Google Analytics and knowing what all the data means from a business perspective can be a challenge for many business managers.  We provide customised dashboards which relate the technical data to your business objectives.


Remove internal staff visits from your analytics so you don’t distort your understanding of how your customers and prospects are using your website.

Spam data

Filter out spam visits to your site because they make it look like you have many more visitors to your site than you really do.

Scroll Tracking

If your website has content that visitors need to scroll to see then you need to know if they are actually seeing it at all.  Scroll tracking helps you decide if your most important content is being seen.

Video Tracking

Is your video content actually being watched and for how long?  Should you have more or less video on your site?  Video tracking will help you answer these questions.

e-Commerce Tracking

By tracking each e-commerce transaction on your site you’ll be able to learn about who is and isn’t buying on your site.  It will help you plan where to focus your valuable marketing funds for best effect.

Goal Tracking

Goal tracking involves deciding what are your primary goals you want to achieve with the website e.g. lead form submissions, file downloads.   Once you decide on your goals then Advanced Google Analytics can measure those goals and provide data on who is and isn’t completing those goals.

Link Tracking

What links are visitors following through and out of your site?  In some cases you may have multiple links on a web page to the same destination.  We can track which pathways your visitors take so you can optimise your site.

Campaign Tracking

If you are pushing people to your website using social media, email or online advertising, campaign tracking is essential to knowing how each individual piece of content is performing to generate profits for your business.  It will help you to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

Adwords Integration

Linking your Google Adwords advertising to Google analytics is essential to making sure you maximise the return on your advertising investment.

Webmaster Integration

A high Google search ranking is a highly valued prize.  By linking Google Webmaster to your analytics you will have a greater understanding of how your site is performing on Google search and where you need to take action to improve your ranking.


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